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I believe the single "REVILLE" label dates to 1919-1929. it's in great condition inside and out with the only issue to mention is the slight oxidation of the ribbon (mostly at the back) and ever so slightly onto the back gold lace, but as the lace is moddled in design, you hardly see an issue. even though I've seen others that look similar that are newer... this one doesn't have that thick stiff wax so looks a lot more natural. Andre Courreges started a style revolution with his space age fashion He spent many years working for Balenciaga, so no surprise this suit is perfectly cut and sewn with meticulously matching lines. The trim, breast pockets and belt are a canary yellow heavy ribbed fabric. The only issue is one extremely light small spot found on the lower skirt back (see photo) and the fact that the belt needs a cleaning. Measures: 40" bust, up to 30" waist, up to 40" hips, 23" long skirt.

I have owned this dress in my private collection for over 20 years. I have read that brand new top quality Katsura (Geisha) wigs can sell for up to ,000. Fairly heavy weight pieces in what seems to be a cotton blend (? The skirt is slight hip-hugger, A-line and seems the zipper is to be worn in the front!!! Items like this extraordinary, intricately embroidered cap (or bonnet) are rarely seen outside of museums!

She would be glorious with long black gloves and perhaps a smashing red hat. there are just a couple moth nips and just one tiny moth hole in front (see photos).This coat will go to auction if it doesn't sell on this website... There are textile weavers who can repair tiny holes like this so they become invisible.



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