Who is joel kinnaman dating

In atoms, this invisible field consists of closed loops called lines of force that surround and run through the atom.Magnetic regions where lines of force come together densely are called north and south poles.At some point, Sarah was married to Greg Linden and had a son with him who they named Jack.The two divorced years later, leaving Sarah to struggle with balancing her personal and professional life.In substances in which the magnetic fields of each atom are aligned, the magnetic field causes the entire substance to act like single magnet—with north and south poles and a surrounding magnetic field.Permanent magnets are made of substances that retain this alignment.Sarah will realize that in order to put the past to rest, she may have to reopen old wounds.

Lately she's lost touch with her old partner, Holder, so she is surprised when he shows up on her doorstep with a new case that has similarities to a case she closed three years ago (the case that landed her in the hospital the first time).Sarah’s mother abandoned her when she was 5 years old, leaving her alone in a darkened apartment until CPS found her the next morning.



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