Speed dating rugby

For a long time now, English rugby has been the king of the castle.

We have seen this season, however, that there is a new player in town and his chequebook is considerably larger than that of English rugby.


Harlequins have today announced that Academy members Gabriel Ibitoye, Dino Lamb, Niall Saunders and Calum Waters have all extended their time at the Club.

While his personal favourite play might well be the kick-pass, this set piece play would go close.

The play is designed for Barrett to hit top speed and break the line, isolating slower halfbacks and exposing slide defence.

Nic will be with the club until March and plies his trade as a scrum-half.

London-born Stirzaker was raised in Australia from the age of two.

Currently, the Springboks have a 30-cap ruling for South African born players who ply their rugby overseas, making anyone with less than 30 test caps ineligible to become a Bok.



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