Rich dating sites

After reading tons of user reviews and tested the features of major rich men dating sites and apps on the internet, we made the following list of top 10 rich men dating sites or apps. Millionaire Match has been a matchmaker of rich and attractive singles since 2001.

What makes it stand out from the rest rich men dating sites is that it verifies its users strictly to weed out scammers and provide an enjoyable environment for members to meet and chat. Sugar Daddy Meet is an effective sugar daddy website connecting rich male sugar daddies and young female sugar babies.

Actually, men with high incomes tend to like girls who are less well-off since they long to share their wealth with someone who is appreciative.

If you are beautiful enough, you can be voted in by other members and you’ll enjoy all the features for free.

Seeking Millionaire claims to have 5 million members which makes you find a prospect match easier.

Millionaire is the world's largest and most original millionaire dating site.


It has been in online dating business for over 16 years.

Instead of offering useless features like sending winks or messages and waiting for a reply, you mention your price, then the woman takes the offer and you two are off for a great night out. Being a newly launched sugar daddy website, Sudy App has already got a good number of users.


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    Exclusively hired out and carefully selected to ensure their suitability to host our Speed dating events, all of our chosen venues are the perfect place to meet your perfect match.

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