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I improved the Flame Eater section with the Rasp strategy and some notes on Grenade.

Added a note on the possibility of training Celes, Edgar, Setzer and Gau at the start of the Wo R to inflate the level of the other characters to be recruited. Made a lot of changes to the chapters detailing Kefka's Tower. Implemented a note about the way the Floating Continent handles available monster formations for you to fight.

Mostly I've made the party transition moments more obvious, broke up the endless list of monster formation chances and monster descriptions into room-by-room bits and give a simple and functional example of possible teams that allow Locke and Strago to face Fiend and steal that Safety Bit and learn that Forcefield Lore. Added a note on Shadow lacking Interceptor protection when walking to Thamasa when you didn't recruit him in Sabin's scenario or Kohlingen.


I added info on how the global timer on the Floating Continent will abort battles when the place is about to blow. ) interesting changes to the Phoenix Cave section: I had overlooked a Teleport Stone chest which has been added, clever maneuvering can get you past some spikes with only 400 HP damage (not 800 as I claimed) and I added some info on how random encounters are twice as rare in the Phoenix Cave.Thanks for your interesting take on the game, herr Andreas Wollny!I strongly get the impression that it was translated from Japanese, not any English translation.I scattered notes about these phenomena where appropriate.

Added some bits and pieces from the German translation of this game.Added some notes on your "options" when controlling Edgar for the first time.


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