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We are not saying that a “zero tolerance” policy towards players that break team rules and run afoul of the law is the way to go, but a very clear line needs to be drawn that inappropriate behavior of any kind will not be tolerated, and that anyone that dares cross that line will find his ass in a sling.It should be an honor to be a student-athlete at the University of Tennessee, but each time that Phil Fulmer applies his “wishy-washy” disciplinary policy to a player that has broken team rules or misbehaved in the community, Fulmer devalues his program and all that it should stand for.What Phil Fulmer has done by not tossing Colquitt from the football team is set a standard for hit and run accidents while driving under the influence, which is a 5-game suspension.No one has asked us, but if we were running the Tennessee football team, Britton Colquitt’s latest escapade would have not been an issue for us, because he would have long ago been doing something other than suiting up in an orange and white football uniform.Personals are for people local to Bellevue, WA and are for ages 18 of either sex.At todays appearance, a sentence over his breaches was supposed to be delivered by Justice Peter Blaxell, however, sentencing was postponed after the judge granted an adjournment until November due to further charges resulting from the breaches.If they do, we will know exactly what they think of one Phillip Fulmer.



First of all, we are glad to see that the spirit of America, which is Americans standing up and proudly stating their opinions is alive and well in Knoxville, Tennessee.If Fulmer had one disciplinary policy for his team instead of the random bullshit policy that he now has in place, he would find out in a hurry that the problems with his team would disappear practically overnight.



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    Ud af 26 beboere er 10 ikke-kriminelle, og det er helt bevidst og en vigtig del af rehabiliteringen af de kriminelle.

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