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The relatively nice girls -- including Karen (Busy Phillips), Lisa (Jennifer Carpenter), and Tori (Jessica Caulffiel) -- are willing to welcome these frankly freakish sisters into their fold.

They encourage Brittany and Tiffany to sing along to Vanessa Carlton's "1000 Miles," and are vaguely titillated when they learn it's "okay" to use the n-word when no black people are around.

Starting with modeling at the age of 11, she ventured into acting in television while she was still a teen.

Next she got offers from the film industry, venturing into this field as well.

The current cast are the exes of Prince, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, R. Daphne Wayans was seen in LA recently, palling around with Sheree Fletcher and Andrea Kelly.

They look to be having fun and enjoying each other’s company. Daphne started dating Keenan in 1989 and was married to him from 2001 to 2004. Daphne was blindsided by Keenan when he ended their marriage. Daphne walked away from the divorce with a home paid for by Keenan, child support for all five children, and half of Keenan’s earnings.



Brittany along with her twin sister started a career in the entertainment industry when quite young.

To impress the boss, they agree to chaperone a couple of utterly obnoxious, privileged, and ignorant sisters -- Brittany (Maitland Ward) and Tiffany Wilson (Anne Dudek) -- to their humungo Labor Day weekend fete, in order to bait and capture rumored kidnappers. The boys call in their makeup team, and before you can say, "Big Mama's House," they're transformed into white girls.

En route, they drive off the road, and the girls suffer minor lacerations to their faces. Really tall white girls, with scary mask-like faces and annoying falsettos.

Her television as well as film roles kept her busy till she received a shocking piece of news in 2011—she was diagnosed with stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.


With full support from her sister and mother, she immediately started chemotherapy.(The fact that it involves the absurdly conniving father of the evil twins, played by John Heard, only makes it more painful.


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