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    Template Environment KEAF SAPMKECM_VFIELDValue Field Analysis KEAT RKE_RECONCILIATReconcile CO-PA FI KEAV SAPMKECM_VALUATValuation KEAW RKE_RECONCILIATReconciliation Make-to-Order Prod. Derivation Overview ALV KEDF RKETRERF CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert) KEDRA RKE_DERIVE_ALE COPA Customizing via ALE KEDT SAPMKETREPROT Log Summarization Logs KEDU RKETRERU CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels KEDUS RKETRERF_PARALLCO-PA: Period Build of Summ. Lev KEDZ RKE_PROT_EVALUARead Interface for CO-PA Log KED0 SAPMKEDR Derivation: Initial Screen KED5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create Form KED6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change Form KED7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form KEEU SAPMKCB9 CO-PA EIS/BP: Generate transfer KEE0 RPCADIFF PCA: Generate Line Item Difference KEFA RKEVEXT1 Maintain Sender Structures KEFB RKEVEXT2 Maintain Rules KEFC RKEVEXT3 CO-PA External Data Transfer KEFD SAPLKCD0 Maintain Rules KEF1 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange Revaluation Keys KEF2 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation indices KEGA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. Profit Center Struct KEOA1 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Cost Centers KEOA2 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Profit Centers KEOA3 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Processes KEOD1 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Cost Centers KEOD2 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Profit Centers KEOD3 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Business Process KEOG1 RKEOGEN1 Generate Standard Hierarchy KEOG2 RKEOGEN2 Generate Alternative Hierarchy KEOG3 RKEOGEN3 Replace Standard Hierarhcy KEOP1 RKEOPRI0 Print Standard Hierarchy KEOP2 RKEOPRI1 Print Enterprise Organization KEOV RKEOV CO-PA: Cycle Overview KEO1 KEO_START_NF Create Enterprise Organization KEO2 KEO_START_NF Change Enterprise Organization KEO3 KEO_START_NF Display Enterprise Organization KEPA RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChar. Type Planning Layout KP80 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys KP81 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution Key KP82 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution Key KP83 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution Key KP84 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution Key KP85 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. Header: Line Items Actua KR01 SAPMKSRD Create Summarization KR02 SAPMKSRD Change Summarization KR03 SAPMKSRD Display Summarization KR04 SAPMKSRD Delete Summarization KR05 SAPMKSRE Execute Summarization KSAG SAPMV12A Maintain condition tables KSAH SAPMV12A Display condition tables KSAI SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual Data KSAJ SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act Cre KSAP SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Plan Data KSAQ SAPMV13A Maintain surcharge conditions KSAR SAPMV13A Display Overhead Conditions KSAZ SAPMKSA0 Accrual: Maintain Overhead Structur KSA3 SAPLKAZB Actual Accrual for Cost Centers KSA4 SAPMKSZB Execute actual accrual KSA8 SAPLKAZB Plan Accrual for Cost Centers KSA9 SAPMKSZB Execute Plan Accrual KSBB SAPMKKB2 Run Selected Reports KSBL SAPMKB01 Cost centers: Planning overview KSBP RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Plan Line Items KSBT RKATARIF Cost centers: Activity prices KSB1 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items KSB2 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items KSB5 RKAEP000 Controlling Documents: Actual KSB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report: Cost Centers KSCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla KSCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc. LX22 RLI30010 Process Inventory from Overview LX23 RLABGL00 Stock comparison IM - WM LX24 RLS10240 Display of hazardous mat.numbers LX25 RLINV040 Inventory Status LX26 RLINV050 Inventory in WM via cycle counting LX27 RLS30010 Stock levels by shelf life LX28 RLSUB000 Relevant TO item for ext.system LX29 RLS10090 Fixed bin supervision LX30 RLSUB010 Overview of WM messages ext.system LX31 RLVSDR20 Analysis of print control tables LX32 RLRT0001 Archived transfer orders LX33 RLRB0001 Archived transfer requirements LX34 RLRU0001 Archived posting change notices LX35 RLRI0001 Archived system inventory records LX36 RLRH0001 Archived inventory histories LX37 RLSUB020 Linked objects LX38 RLOLML02 Check Report Customizing Strategy K LX39 RL2STK00 Evaluation Reference No.

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