Gay and lesbian bisexual dating sites

Even though the majority of dating apps have diversified to accommodate gay or lesbian users, people who are attracted to both genders are still forcibly missing out.

Many apps simply don’t have a button that lets you browse “both” when it comes to gender, and other non-heteronormative groups, like people who identify as transgender, are even less catered for. For straight people the biggest concern with online dating is often simply choosing the right bio, or the most flattering photo.

“The biggest mistakes are having a binary choice of people or ‘matches’,” she adds.


“Apps tend to assume cisgender and can be completely exclusive of people who don’t identify as either gender, who are gender-fluid, or who want to communicate or search for people who prefer to identify their transgender,” Varley said.According to Gomez Acebo, scale can also stand in the way of diversification.


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