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These tweaks address some long-standing Connect IQ design decisions that have been holding back developers since version 1.0.Because Connect IQ devices may not have a memory management unit, the Connect IQ heap is designed to be self contained within a contiguous region of memory, and uses memory handles to track of addresses in the heap. You mean you never had to use to lock your Win16 memory handle? Well never mind then; if you need me, I’ll be crying about my wasted youth.The Descent is the first watch-sized dive computer to offer surface GPS navigation with full-color onscreen mapping and location reference.Note that for user safety, Connect IQ functions are not available while diving, so we can ensure that all dive capabilities are functioning as they were designed.If you’re trying to maximize the number of supported devices, use a Connect IQ 2.3.5 is here!This SDK adds support for the upcoming Descent™ Mk 1 dive watch.Now you can put your shared libraries into their own projects, and make them easily available for others to use.We have added sample barrels to our github account for you to see how they work.

The 512 handle limit also meant we generally discouraged developers from using objects for pretty much anything. Now you just have to worry about running out of actual memory and not bookkeeping memory!

The app store will let you have hero images for your apps.

These hero images can be tailored for each locale, allowing you to get your message out in every language.

Get the SDK to make your app available for the Descent! Connect IQ adds new features to the Connect IQ SDK and some new device features.

One of the most requested features from our developer summit was the ability to package code so it can be shared between projects, a la Ruby Gems or Python Packages. They allow code and resources to be packaged into a shareable bundle that can easily be imported into other projects.First, the dictionary lived at run time inside the developer heap, so storing any content would cost against your available heap.


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