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He dismissed Captain Wilmot's case as 'utter nonsense.'At a previous hearing, Mr Swift refuted Captain Wilmot's denial that he is the teenager's father, saying: 'The conclusion of the court was that she most certainly was his child.'At the same hearing Mr Bowen told a judge that Captain Wilmot had been warned that 'this case could bankrupt you.''This is an extremely troubling case with severe financial consequences for the husband and his (new) young family,' the QC added.The judges have now reserved their decision on Captain Wilmot's appeal until a later date.The ex-wife of an airline pilot has begged a court to end Britain's longest divorce battle and force her former husband to pay maintenance for the daughter he has denied is his since their split in 2001.Four-times married former British Airways captain, Richard Wilmot, and his third wife, Viki Maughan, have been fighting over money ever since their divorce, in a case that a judge said 'beggars belief.'Captain Wilmot, 62, who now lives in Somerset, claims his ex is 'a liar' and says that her 18-year-old daughter was fathered, not by him, but by a lover she was secretly seeing before they divorced.


As a result, legal service of the vital documents and orders was 'never effected as a matter of fact,' the QC added.'He is not evading service, he is not playing technical games,' Mr Bowen told the court.

He added that today was not the day to talk about industrial action.

Initial talks between the airline and the trade union in coming weeks will seek to establish a framework for union representation at the carrier.

He is refusing to comply with a financial settlement reached with his ex 16 years ago and denies he is liable for almost two decades worth of maintenance for the teenager, as he is 'absolutely convinced' she is not his, London's Appeal Court heard.

He also denies 'playing technical games' to avoid his responsibilities for the girl, and insists he has simply been trying to protect his new wife, his fourth, 'from the wreckage of the past.'But Ms Maughan, 50, is demanding that her ex must 'accept reality' and is asking judges to bring an end to what has become Britain's longest running divorce battle.He also denied allegations of victimisation and said the atmosphere today between both sides was "very good." However, IMPACT Head of Communications Bernard Harbor, said the union was disappointed that it did not receive written guarantees of recognition from Ryanair.


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