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A contractor for has been aggressively soliciting and creating sex-related ads for the sleazy classified ad site, according to a trove of newly discovered documents.The explosive new evidence — which contradicts repeated denials by Backpage that it has played any role in the content of the ads posted on its site — shows that Backpage hired a company in the Philippines to lure advertisers and customers seeking sex from competing sites.The documents could be a turning point in the yearslong campaign by anti-human-trafficking groups and Congress to crack down on Backpage’s persistent hosting of prostitution ads — including postings of underage girls and boys that have been linked to a slew of gruesome murders in the US and abroad.The new evidence, which includes spreadsheets, emails, audio files and employee manuals, was revealed by chance in an unrelated legal dispute, and was first reported on Tuesday by the Washington Post.It captures the name, company, email address, and other information of prospects from publicly published company databases on the Internet.Crunch Base is one of the leading online databases of growing companies and innovative startups.



Backpage execs have also contended they remove illegal ads and report violators to the police.“I was reviewing deleted ads,” a Backpage employee wrote to Avion. Some only needed pics removed,” indicating that Backpage reposted ads that Avion agents had taken down. So I hope this opens the floodgates of liability for Backpage.“Backpage has been righteously indignant throughout our investigation,” Sen. Nobody deserves it more.” Backpage general counsel Liz Mc Dougall declined to comment after seeing the documents uncovered by the Washington Post.Their filters allow you to drill down on their data through lots of criteria.


You can filter by geography, company size, industry, business model, b2b/b2c, certain search keywords, funding rounds and amounts, and even growth metrics! Arguably the biggest player and the most popular, is a staple in many prospectors’ toolkits.The company says it uses an automated program to remove objectional words from ads, such as “lolita” and “teenage” and “rape” — while failing to remove the ads, according to a Senate subcommittee report earlier this year.


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