Child women dating


We like the same food, same humour and generally just clicked (and because she's older and has responsibilities and a job doesn't permanently want to get drunk). She has a child from a previous relationship and that's the problem.The father isn't around but has a family known in the area.



Learn More About Married Women find intelligent, 218 confident, and bright people 261 hot.You have a really good life opportunity here, you have a girl you like (love? Trust me, life is an investment, what is more worth investing in other than your happiness. Two things are stopping me: It's not the 'done' thing and will it hold me back with my friends and with regards to opportunities in general? maybe I need to shake this ideology off but I've always seen girls having children at a young age as those not capable of making reasonable life choices and there must be something wrong. My advice after dating a woman with a child when I was in college as well as dating a woman with a child in my mid-30's: - Make sure you understand that they're a package deal. That's not easy to get used to when you're single and no one depends on you. To me, it's not worth the risk unless you want a child right now.


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