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He also has several girlfriends throughout the series.

When she's not writing she's running her business and coaching others to become successful business leaders and providing training to empower youth to become successful at whatever they choose to do.Actress Kristen Stewart is finally opening up about finding love with girlfriend and film producer Alicia Cargile.In the new September issue of Elle UK, Stewart gushed, "Right now I'm just really in love with my girlfriend.Will is shown to be a sports fan, often playing basketball with his friends or simply tossing a baseball around in his office.


When the firm suffers financial troubles, a major sacrifice Will makes is to give up his season tickets for the games.

This changes in Season 2 when both decide to split the firm.


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    Wiosna: jasna brzoskwiniowa lub złota cera, oczy zielone bądź niebieskie, naturalny kolor włosów, jasny, ciemny lub złoty blond.

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