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Data were analyzed for 2974 adults without previous cataract surgery and who had right eye refraction data.Risk factor data, such as education levels and near work activity, were obtained from a face-to-face interview.Easter Seals' THRIVE Connection helps families connect their MIND-to-their-MONEY by creating a plan for financial health. Homeownership is just as desirable for people with disabilities as it is for anyone else in America, yet it is estimated that less than one percent of Americans with disabilities are homeowners versus 66 percent of those without disabilities.Currently through the Home of Your Own Program, Easter Seals is closing on 10-20 homes per year for individuals with disabilities who are low income and first time homebuyers.If you are looking to improve a skill or creatively compensate for a deficit that may be preventing a person with a disability or delay from maximizing their fullest potential, Bridging Apps is the place for you.Easter Seals Greater Houston offers Financial Empowerment and Homebuyer Club Workshops through THRIVE Connection.We strive to broaden their experiences and introduce them to new things.If interested in participating or volunteering for the Adult Day Program, please check out the Assistive Technology is an item, piece of equipment, software or product system that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities.

Come try out computers with modified devices and specialized software at our AT&T Assistive Technology lab.Please Easter Seals' Bridging Apps program is a community of parents, therapists, teachers and doctors who share information on how to use mobile device technology like the i Pad® and Android® devices to help people with disabilities learn, grow and develop.


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