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Auggie himself shows real grace, as well as enough believable kid emotion to make him as convincing as he is admirable. Kids are pushed, bruised, and scraped, and a child's sweatshirt is torn; the violence in this scene is preceded by verbal abuse, which makes the physical attack especially disturbing. Other children call Auggie an "alien," an "orc," and a "freak"; they slip notes into his locker telling him to "Get out of our school," and they pretend he has a contagious disease that they call the Plague.

A high school couple kisses a few times, and Auggie observes some seventh-grade kids smoking, but it's not clear whether they're smoking cigarettes or pot.Through life’s experiences writing was lost inside of me.Now as a mommy of a six year old little girl in the first two weeks of homeschooling, I aspire to give to her, all of the joys lost and now found.has a unique and powerful way of reminding readers that beauty is only skin deep.

The novel also offers lessons about the dangers of responding to peer pressure and the importance of simple human kindness. Browne teaches his students also introduce various meaningful ideas.is about 10-year-old August Pullman, who has a genetic facial difference.



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